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Football season may be over, but basketball season is in full swing and baseball season is just around the corner (not to mention New Year’s resolution season, which may or may not have been DOA). Whether you need a place for practicing your jump shot, after-school play or making good on those resolutions, we’ve rounded up our favorite sporty spaces for inspiration.

This client was a Texas A&M alum who wanted a half-court replica of the school’s famous court right in his home, logo and all.

This field house, when it’s complete, will house a batting cage and squash court (pictured below).

The batting cage, pictured in progress at the left, has huge glass lift-up doors. They’re 13.5′ tall with enormous counterweights. The squash court was done by Anderson Courts in edge-grain maple, which is the international standard for professional courts. 

Who wouldn’t be motivated to work out in this beautiful exercise pavilion?  It’s a perfect Zen spot to practice yoga.

You may recognize this half-court from this family-friendly addition, which also included an exercise and game room, as well as lots of outdoor play space.

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