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Elegant Home of the Month: A Country House Renovation

This project, like many of our projects, evolved during early planning as design opportunities naturally presented themselves. With our clients, we first considered tearing the existing house down because of site area restrictions. Just when we began planning for all new construction, the adjacent property became available and our clients immediately purchased it. With this additional space, we were able to develop a plan that maintained a large part of the existing house, while adding on the remaining items from the client’s wish list. This change in direction also made it clear that we should flip the direction of the house–the driveway approach and new front of the house should be where the former rear of the house was and vice versa.

The new first floor includes a dramatic new entry hall and traditional front-to-back hall design, so that the original front door could become the back terrace door. The entry hall connects the main living area with the new outdoor entertaining area.

The first floor addition also gave the home a spacious family room, a fantastic, functional mud room and a new three-car garage and porte cochere. The porte cochere makes a statement on the front elevation and connects with the front porch, while allowing the garage doors to face the back yard instead of the front. Because the driveway extends into the backyard, it provides a private play area for bike-riding, skating and basketball. This addition gave the home a much needed new basement (the original house had none) as well as new second floor bedrooms and a play room.

An outdoor entertaining area was high on the client’s wish list. The new outdoor fireplace and stone terrace connect with the existing pool. It has become a favorite part of their new home.

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