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Celebrate Spring

Spring is (almost) here! Nothing will get you in the spring mindset like opening all the windows and potting fresh greenery or flowers. A potting room, perhaps more than any other room in the house, needs to marry function (oversized sink for mess-free potting, ample storage) and form (natural light, spring-y details). These four potting rooms in our clients’ homes are some of our favorites.

This potting room is part of a family-focused addition that includes a basketball court, a workout room, and plenty of outdoor space. Like the rest of the addition, the potting room allows an easy flow between the indoors and outdoors.

The massive windows in the potting room on the left let in tons of natural light and fresh air, and the shelves manage to keep even this, the messiest of tasks, neat and organized. In the room to the right, beautiful tiled floors and soapstone countertops create a sense of continuity between the rest of the home and this indoor-outdoor space.

Photo to the right by Jane Beiles.

Don’t these two spaces instantly remind you of the English countryside? Both feature large sinks, which keep the potting mess contained, and charming aesthetic details.

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