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A Historic Work in Progress

This soon-to-be-elegant home is in Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard and was originally built in the late 1700s as a traditional Federal style home. We’re in the process of renovating and restoring the structure, which is filled with history.

According to local legend, Frederick Warren, a merchant from London, married his wife, Caroline Osborn, in 1855. This house belonged to her father. The Osborns hit a rough patch, as did a lot of Martha’s Vineyard families when shipping declined in the late 1800s. Reluctant to let go of her childhood home and armed with her husband’s wealth, Caroline was able to keep and renovate the home.

Today, her Victorian-inspired additions are a little worse for the wear. The current owners have tasked us with restoring and modernizing the home.

The exterior desperately needed work, and the owners wanted the house to be more in-line with the other homes on this very historic street. We mean that literally, as the whole house was picked up and moved closer to the street and angled to fit in better with its neighbors.

We went through an extensive review process that addressed every detail of the exterior to ensure it was historically accurate, down to the type of glass in the windows. The town required us to keep the front portico addition, which Caroline added in the late 1800s.

Stay tuned (and follow us on Instagram) for updates as we finish this historic renovation!

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